About Us


JANTA HAAT is committed to devout its successful effort to pace with the move towards “DIGITAL INDIA”. JANTA HAAT itself is the reflection of our tradition where all the section of the society unite with the everlasting message "सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः". Today, India is touching new height in all the spheres of life with speed & sustainability. Digitization laid great impact over our routine life in the recent years. India is going to be the No.1 country having largest number of internet user in the world by the year 2020.

JANTA HAAT is giving its humble & little contribution towards “DIGITAL INDIA”. With the increasing number of e-commerce Company, our brick & mortar retail sector is facing new challenges . Not only they have to compete with the price but much with the propaganda of these company which claims to sell cheap & best products. But the fact is absolutely different because they charge heavy commission & many other surcharges over sale. Literally they exploit store owners.

Therefore, JANTA HAAT comes with the new idea & vision to save the interest of small/medium store owner & manufacturer. We are committed to give them an easy access to sell their products anywhere in the country. Every store will be efficient to sell their products 24Χ7 online without any burden.

JANTA HAAT fulfils its duty to join both buyers & sellers together on a single platform. We are committed to “MAKE IN INDIA” movement. Therefore, we promote home-grown-products at the priority basis.

Now, the new era of “DIGITAL INDIA” begins & we all have to get connected to save our money & time.

With best wishes & great care. Happy shopping.